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Recommendation submitted 28-04-18


This application appears to have been withdrawn but an equivalent scheme proposed and approved under "permitted development" rules - see reference 18/03256/CP re "certificate of lawfulness". We are very distressed about this further abuse, as we see it, of planning powers.

Why? For more information see our original comment was as follows:-

There are many large and badly designed dormers currently being added to the roofscape of Bishopston.  Many are built under the loose planning guidelines of Permitted Development, where no plans are submitted and there is no advance notice of what is proposed until the work is complete.  In this case, an application has been submitted and the design is truly horrendous;  a huge box dormer sat very awkwardly on top of a relatively small house, designed by a roofing contractor with no care or thought for the implications for the house, the neighbours or the character of the area. This is a problem which is becoming a nationwide epidemic. The Bishopston Society has raised the issue with councillors, the local MP and hence the Government, but there has been no meaningful response.

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The Bishopston Society  OBJECT

This is text book example of how not to design a roof extension. The proposal is grosslyoversized and the end result lopsided and ungainly in the extreme, when viewed from all sides.The master suite in the roof space is the size of a flat. A projecting 'box' has been added to theside to simply enlarge a bathroom which already exists. This 'box' is shown on the gable elevationbut missed out on the front and rear elevations. This is one of the worst we have come across.The proposal not only disfigures the original house but also the character of the area. We stronglyrecommend refusal.