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Reference 18/06104/F
Address 2A Clare Avenue Bristol BS7 8JF  
Street View
Proposal Change in roof pitch, with roof extension to front, side, and rear, to facilitate loft conversion to 2a Clare Avenue.
Validated 26-11-18
Type Full Planning
Status Pending consideration
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 30-01-19
Determination Deadline 21-01-19
BCC Planning Portal Application
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TBS response: NEUTRAL

Recommendation submitted 23-12-18

Public Comments

The Bishopston Society 

We cannot support an application for yet more boxy roof dormers in the area. We arenot concerned about the roof being raised slightly (equally to both houses) to achieve adequateheadroom but we are concerned about the ugliness of the proposed dormers, particularly thedormer to the 'side' elevation which is, in fact, fully visible from the intersection of five roads. Wewould suggest that the dormers might have less impact on the character of the local area if theywere clad with tiles/slates to match the existing roofs, rather than painted render which will makethem extremely prominent.