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Reference 18/00939/P
Address 47A Zetland Road Bristol BS6 7AJ  
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Proposal Outline application - Removal of light industrial accommodation and erection of two residential blocks containing nine flats, (with access, appearance, layout and scale to be considered).
Validated 05-03-18
Type Outline Planning
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 02-04-18
Standard Consultation Expiry 29-03-18
Determination Deadline 30-04-18
Decision REFUSED
Decision Issued 25-04-18
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TBS response: OBJECT

Recommendation submitted 19-04-18

Even in conservation areas, planning applications are often submitted which are totally inadequate and fail to respond to the quality of the setting.  This is one such application which is far too dense, overlooking neighbouring properties and quite simply poor quality.

Public Comments

The Bishopston Society  OBJECT

The Bishopston Society is extremely concerned about this application. The proposalrepresents extreme overdevelopment; most particularly the rear garden area filled with 3 storeyflats, which would overbear and overlook adjacent properties. The design can only be describedas banal and totally out of keeping with the character of the conservation area. The mix of smallunits is inappropriate with the existing 'family house' character of the local area. The three parkingspaces at the front of the site are woefully inadequate, unsightly and in conflict with pedestrianmovement past the site.

An infill site like this within a conservation area should have an exemplary development whichenhances the character and quality of the local area. We strongly recommend refusal.


RCAS regrets the loss of this employment site but recognises that the site is appropriatefor residential development.RCAS objects to the proposed development of the site for 9 units. The quality of accommodationis poor with many units as single aspect one-bedroom flats. The distance between the proposedtwo blocks is too small to achieve a reasonable standard of residential accommodation, and thereis little amenity space for the residents, mostly taken up with bike and waste storage and carparking, including the tarmac access roadway to block B.The unit facing onto the railway embankment is too close to the boundary and the 3-bed groundfloor unit and patio will be in shadow for the winter months. The upper floor one bedroom flat hasmainly obscured windows- recognising the unsuitability of the location of this unit, which has thepotential to overlook both the new and existing neighbouring properties.RCAS would like to support residential development on this site as it is poorly maintained andfrequently flytipped but cannot support this application. An application for a single block on thefootprint of block A- possibly for a mix of 1 and 2-bed dual aspect units of accommodation wouldbe more acceptable.


As long term residents of Zetland Road we would love to see a sympatheticredevelopment of the site at 47A Zetland Road, but unfortunately the plans submitted under theapplication number above appear problematic for many reasons.

First, it is important to note that the application as submitted covers two contrasting sites, which isnot clearly stated in the application. It is therefore confusing. To clarify:

47 Zetland Road is an ashlar stone fronted house with a single storey bow window with decoratedparapets and as such matches the majority of other houses on the same side of Zetland Road,which are early Victorian and amongst the earliest developments on this road. In the garden at theback of 47 Zetland Road is a breeze block building, parts of which have been recently erectedafter some previous demolition. Since we have lived here we have had the impression that thisstructure has at time been used to house large numbers of people. 47 Zetland Road forms part ofa group of houses noted for their special architectural interest on p.56 of Bristol City Council'sConservation Area Character Appraisal for East Redland(

47A Zetland Road is currently a commercial site adjoining the land at 47. It has an historicalcommercial frontage which could be conserved, maintaining the character of Zetland Road and itshistory of mixed commercial and residential usage.

We believe these two sites should be separately considered for development. This application

seems to merge the two, or at least include the garden at 47 as part of 47A.

Our detailed objections to the proposed plans are as follows:

Block AAt three stories high, the proposed building is too tall and not in keeping with the style or scale ofthe ashlar stone fronted houses to the south of it, which are of conservation importance in the EastRedland area (see link above). Instead, Block A has been designed to match with No.49 & 51Zetland Road which are architectural anomalies on this side of the street. The proposed Block A istoo tall and would both disrupt the roofline of Zetland Road and dominate it significantly. Thiswould have an adverse effect on the residential scale of the street and mar a view that is noted inthe council's conservation document (eg the view down Zetland Road towards a 'conservationlandmark', the Spire of former David Thomas Memorial Church).

Waste and recyclingProvision for both waste and recycling on the proposed plans is inadequate, given the density ofthe proposed development. Current waste management at 47 Zetland and 47A Zetland is verypoor and detrimental to the look and hygiene of the street. At 47 Zetland Road rubbish (includingfood, glass and metal) is often strewn across the forecourt and spills onto the pavement (seephoto attached, taken on the date of this letter). The forecourt of 47A is often used for whatappears to be fly-tipping (eg large items of furniture appear to be abandoned there for days if notweeks). A higher density of people living at the site without adequate provision of waste removalwould suggest even greater problems might result.

Parking9 apartments are proposed but only 3 parking spaces. This seems inadequate provision for a busystreet where on-street parking provision is very limited.

Density & Layout9 apartments housing 20 people is too dense for this site (these figures also suppose that the one-bed apartments in Block A will be sole occupancy and there is no guarantee of that). Almost thewhole site (eg 47A and the garden at 47) would be covered with three-storey buildings if theseplans were approved. We are also concerned that if these units are rented out it could significantlyincrease the levels of noise, rubbish and other anti-social behaviours that have occurred withtenants of 47 Zetland Road in the past. This would certainly result in significant disruption toneighbours and have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood where most of the other housesnearby do not have multiple occupants.

Block BA three-storey apartment block is entirely inappropriate on this site where only a one storeygarage has existed previously (currently it incorporates only a small second story above a smallarea of the structure). No structure three-storeys high currently exists at the rear of any garden on

this side of the Zetland Road. Block B will block light and dominate the residential back gardens inproperties both adjoining and running down the slope towards the Gloucester Road junction. Thecontemporary design proposed would be highly visible and substantially alter the character of theneighbourhood.

Conservation47 and 47A Zetland Road are situated between the early Victorian ashlar stone fronted housesnoted in the council's conservation document (see above) and another group of important housesat the junction of Zetland Road and Redland Road which the council notes as 'heritage assets'(p.58 of the above document). We would suggest any development on this important site shouldbe in keeping with the character and rich history of the area and its noted conservation assets.The proposed buildings in this application do not visually or architecturally relate to these notablebuildings.

The proposed development would certainly exacerbate the following 'threats' to the neighbourhoodalready identified in the council's Conservation document (link above and quoted here):

- Increase in number of HMOs in the area putting increased pressure on the public realm in termsof on-street parking, refuse etc.- Continued or increased unsympathetic roof- level alterations that impact negatively on theappearance of the Conservation Area from the public realm- Continued or increased loss of gaps between houses through development in side plots andgardens preventing views and reducing verdant character- Continued or increase loss or unsympathetic alteration of front boundary treatment and gardensto off-street parking or inappropriate alteration

And also contribute significantly to the 'weaknesses' in our area that the document identifies asbeing a problem:- Development in garden plots and side extensions reducing gaps between houses andconsequently views to trees and private planting- Modern infill housing such as the south side of South Road does not fit the general style of thesurrounding housing- Inappropriate roof-level alterationsWe would welcome any proposal for development of 47A Zetland Road that would enhance ourneighbourhood, but as it stands, this one would seem to be of detriment to it and we would requestthat the council refuses outline planning permission.


We are objecting to the proposed development of 47 and 47a Zetland Road, for thefollowingreasons:

Density of the Development

The number of flats (9)proposed is far too many for the size of the site. It is out of keeping with thelocal area which is predominantly family housing.

Massing and visual impact

The proposed building would be the tallest house on the street and would overshadow, overlookand reduce the light in a number of properties.

There are already overflowing bins at the property and this needs to be addressed before morepeople move in.

Historical Interest

The site facade adds to the street scene on Zetland Road and its loss would be congruous to thearea being a conservation area.

Discrepancies in the Plans

It is not clear on the plans how 47a and 47 are joined and how this development affects bothproperties.

Work has already started on the site and it is still a active commercial property.


Correction to previous objection. I refereed to the non-existence structure in the 'south'corner of the plit, when I meant 'north' . Apologies for confusion.


I support the redevelopment of the site, but not in the form for which planning approvalis requested.Concerns:- the facade at the front is Victorian and of architectural/historic interest.- the development of the site is too dense at nine apartments at the currently proposed height.There is inadequate outside space factored into the site (as below), and the rear of the site is veryclose to the railway embankment.- Block B is of particular concern as it will cover almost the entirety of the rear of the site and willdominate gardens along this stretch of Zetland Rd. It will block light in all the gardens to the westof the plot (in particular).- absence of parking places, adequate for needs of a 9-apartment site.- it is not clear that the space allocated would be large enough to cope with waste and recyclingmanagement/storage.- it is not clear what the relationship is to 47 and 47a Zetland Rd. The boundaries between the twoseem unclear and may not be correct in the current application. The application does not seem topresent the plots (on paper) as they are in practice.


Bristol Civic Society objects strongly to the proposed development. The provision of 9dwellings would represent an over development of the site leaving little amenity space. The threestorey block B would be particularly harmful. It would give rise to overlooking of neighbouringgardens and would be completely out of character with the predominant style of properties in thispart of the Conservation Area. The provision of three parking places fronting Zetland Road wouldcreate a conflict with pedestrians. The preponderance of one bed accommodation is again out ofcharacter with the prevailing size of homes in this area. The Society would welcome a residentialdevelopment of this site which was consistent with the building line and prevailing height and styleof houses in Zetland Road. The area to the rear should be left to amenity space.


I object very strongly to the application for building 9 flats at 47 Zetland Road. This is aresidential area in a conservation location. I live at 49 Zetland Road and a 3 storey building nextdoor would overlook my garden and would diminish my privacy. The noise factors are not beingtaken into account. Car ownership would increase in an already busy road. I have complained tomy local councillor on several occasions about the frightful state of rubbish being left on theforeground of the next door premises and nothing has been done. It is in a fearful mess at themoment. This is likely to increase. This neighbourhood will deteriorate if this plan goes ahead. Isincerely hope the very real concerns of neighbours are respected. Carole LeretMy neighbour at 49B joins me with these concerns.


Kirsty Bennett and Michael Johnston41 Zetland RoadBristolBS6 7AH

Objection to planning proposal Ref. No: 18/00938/P47a and 47 Zetland Road.

We are objecting to the proposed development of 47 and 47a Zetland Road, for the followingreasons-

Discrepancies in the Plans-

The elevation plans do not match up with the ground plans for the site. On the elevation plans theentire front of the building facing the road is filled in, with no side path to number 47 showing. Thislooks like another attempt to develop the whole plot as one big building by linking the two frontbuildings.The rear building would then only have access to the street via the front building. That must surelybe a huge issue for access/ escape if there were to be a fire on the site.There is very little space between block a, block b, number 47 and the 'annexe' This isoverdevelopment of both sites.

On the floor plans, there is a clear side entrance path leading to the front door of 47 Zetland road -

but this is filled in on the elevation plan?

There is confusion between 47 and 47a on the plans as shown, is this an application for one orboth of the plots.The plans are innacurate as to the existing layout of the buildings. They show a non existantstructure, and do not show the brick wall currently separating the the plots

I do not believe that the upper storey of the structure that is at the back of 47a could every havebeen for 'residential use' And even it it were, then these plans replace a 2 storey building with a 3storey building which will be much higher than the surrounding buildings.

The 'annexe' at the back of 47, previously referred to by the owner as a 'bungalow' is actually ashell of a dilapidated shack, having partially fallen in and only partially reinstated. How manypeople would be resident in that building?

The wall at the front of the site is an original Victorian wall, from when the site was a builders yardin Victorian times. There is photographic evidence of that. Since this is a conservation area, andthere are few references to the businesses that were once on Zetland road, it would be good if thiscould be retained.

Density of the Development

The number of flats (9)proposed is far too many for the size of the site. Therefore the developmentis, over dense for both the size of the site and the local area. This leads to there being no amenityvalue for the surrounding area and also for the proposed residents themselves.

The road is primarily family houses, or period houses split into a small number of flats. Thisdevelopment is overbearing, and ugly, and out of scale with the surrounding buildings.

There is insufficient outside space for the number of proposed residents. The Rear development isvery close to the railway embankment, which does have a regular train service on it, and alsoregular night time maintenance works. The block b would be the same height as the railwayembankment,

Massing and visual impact.

The proposed new build 'block a' on 47a Zetland Road is too large for the site and road, as itreferences the bigger next door house, without allowing for the sloping nature of the road. Thiswould make it the tallest house in the road. Also the neighbouring house has 4 windows on the

side facing the proposed new build, which would all lose light if the building was built to theproposed height. If the site can no longer be a business, we would prefer a much smaller buildingreferencing the smaller house at number 47.

Residential amenity for neighbours.

The plans as shown have no amenity for neighbours of 47a and 47, or the area as a whole. Theydo not take into account the overshadowing effect on the back gardens of neighbouring properties,as a result of having 3 and 4 storey buildings covering the whole site.

The current design is also out of keeping with the surrounding buildings in a conservation area

Yours Truly

Kirsty Bennett.



I have recently received information regarding the proposed development of flats on the site of 47aZetland Rd, Bristol.

Me and my partner are residents of Flat 3, 46 Zetland Road and we wish to know the estimatedstart time and duration of construction to build the flats? (assuming that the application issuccessful)

Also, can you please guarantee that the exterior design, construction plan and materials will notchange during the works, unless completely necessary? (ie that the design plan will remainsympathetic to other local buildings)

We have for the past 5 years enjoyed the luxury of not being overshadowed by property oppositeour flat. Whilst we are not completely against the idea of Flats being built on this site, we do haveconcerns about noise during the proposed works. My partner is an on-call nurse and so oftenrelies on getting her sleep during daytime's. We have also endured 4 years+ (and counting) worthof construction and maintenance work taking place on the 5 Flats directly next door to and behindour Flat. This has certainly taken its toll on both me and my partner's Mental Health!

Regards,Mr George Newman

Ms Jacqueline Aldridge 45 ZETLAND ROAD BRISTOL   OBJECT

We would like to be in a position to support the redevelopment of the two sites 47/47AZetland Road, which have long been a problematic feature of our neighbourhood, but feel we haveno option to object to the present application for a number of reasons, listed below.

However, we would firstly like to point out that the submitted application is substantiallymisleading. We suggest that the current outline application cannot be properly considered untilthese issues have been rectified.

In brief, the application claims to relate to 47A Zetland Road but the site for the proposeddevelopment actually incorporates a section of the neighbouring 47 Zetland Road plot, which iscurrently under the same ownership.

However, the submitted plans obscure this important aspect of the application, which hasimplications for the whole scheme and neighbourhood in general.

The Existing Block Plan, Location Plan and Map are submitted with these plans are all inaccurate.None show the side passage that currently provides exclusive access to the two apartments,garden and bungalow at 47 Zetland Road. (Also note that the Block Plans mislabel 47 ZetlandRoad as 47a Zetland Road while the bungalow is referred to as an 'annex'). In addition, thesethree plans all show a non-existent structure at the south corner of the plot instead of the currentside passage and brick wall.

As the Proposed Site Plan shows, this development involves removal of this dividing wall and

combining the two plots. As a result, one shared footpath provides the only access to all 12residential units on the combined 47/47A site. This feature is not clear from the Street Scene orany of the plans.

In addition, both the back garden of this neighbouring site and the residential property located inthis garden (usually referred to as 47c Zetland Rd but labelled as 'annex' on both block plans),would only accessible via a gate from the new development at 47A Zetland Road. The status ofthe garden is not clarified on the plans. Given that access to this area is switched from 47 to 47AZetland Road, does this become a communal space for all 30+ residents of the combined sites touse?

As regards this application, the proposed relationship between the two sites needs urgentclarification. Are they two plots or one? Granting outline permission on the basis of the currentapplication would provide the current owner of both sites (or future owner) with the opportunity tocombine 47/47A Zetland Road into one large and potentially problematic residential complex. Werequest that the application is withdrawn on this basis and resubmitted.

In addition, the façade of the current forecourt does have architectural interest and is a historicfeature of the street that could be retained. Furthermore, it is also not the case that this is a'brownfield' site or that the second storey of the rear garage has ever been legally used asresidential accommodation.

Our objections to the rest of the plans, as regards 47A Zetland Road in isolation, are listed below:

1. Density - Nine apartments housing 20 people is too dense for this site. There is no guaranteethat the 6 apartments in Block A will all be used on a sole occupancy basis, further increasing thenumbers of individuals living on site. The plans indicate that almost the entire site, apart fromaccess paths and forecourt will be covered by three storey buildings.

2. Block B - The proposal includes replacing the one storey garage at rear of the site (whichcurrently incorporates a small second storey above a small proportion of the structure) with a threestorey apartment block that covers the entire footprint of the current garage. This will dominateresidential back gardens along Zetland Road and block light substantially. The impact of Block Bwill be exaggerated by the downhill slope of Zetland Road and this structure will substantiallychange the character of the neighbourhood. A contemporary appearance is also not appropriatefor any structure on this site as it is highly visible.

3. Block A is also very tall and not in proportion, given that the neighbouring 47 Zetland Rd is atwo storey building at lower point on the hill.

4. Layout - the proposed living accommodation in Block A is 6 x 1 bedroom apartments. This is aprimarily family neighbourhood and the introduction of six small living units will change the

demographic. We are concerned that these apartments may be used primarily for private rentalsand that the problems with poor maintenance, noise and anti-social behaviour that regularly occurwith tenants of 47 Zetland Road will be multiplied. The chances of this happening if the two sitesare combined in the way proposed seem high and are of real concern to us.

5. Parking - only three small parking spaces are provided for 9 apartments. Bike storage isprovided at the rear, which is a noisy solution for neighbours on this side of Zetland Road.

6. Waste and recycling - Provision for the storage and management of waste and recycling isinadequate. The neighbouring property (47 Zetland Road) is under the same ownership and usessimilar waste management solutions for just three privately rented properties (just two currentlyoccupied). Large quantities of waste (including food, glass, metal) are permanently strewn acrossthe shared forecourt of this property and we are concerned that this problem will be magnified.

On these grounds, we request that outline planning permission is refused. On a constructive note,we would welcome the redevelopment of 47A Zetland Road into a more modest residentialcomplex that is in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood and size of the plot.