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Reference 18/01467/CU
Address 164 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8NT  
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Proposal Notification of Prior Approval for the proposed temporary change of use from a shop (A1) into a cafe (A3) for a period of 2 years.
Validated 28-03-18
Type Prior Notification-Change of use (Other)
Status Withdrawn
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 07-05-18
Standard Consultation Expiry 04-05-18
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Decision Application Withdrawn
Decision Issued 16-05-18
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TBS response: OBJECT

Recommendation submitted 04-05-18

This application was withdrawn following objections from ourselves and a massive outcry from local residents, as you can see from the comments below (which are still live here on the Bishopston Planning Portal though no longer visible on the council's site).

However it was then resubmitted under Permitted Development and approved, for reasons which suprise and trouble us.

Public Comments

The Bishopston Society  OBJECT

We are very concerned about this application for a café in immediate proximity to localresidents, an old people's home and a meditation centre which is proposing to operate for 14.5hours every day, up until 2.30am. We feel that in such a locality café premises should close at5.00 or 6.00pm, so as to limit the impact of associated noise from machinery, cooking smells andincreased inconvenience of loading and parking should be restricted to normal working hours,such that local residents do not suffer any loss of amenity during their leisure and sleeping hours.The Buddhist Centre put together an excellent set of conditions to limit the immediate and possibleongoing impact of the proposed café, but we feel that the application is clearly not appropriate inthis location. We strongly recommend refusal.


The planning department appears prepared to accept a revised CU applicationaddressing details and requesting opening hours from 10 to 23 hours, citing other establishmentsare open till 11pm in the area. We comment on next steps over this application should there be anew or revised submission.

What could be argued in objecting to opening hours up to 23.00 hrs, is that this area of GloucesterRoad is already at more than saturation point with evening parking (indeed parking at all times)precisely because of the existing establishments (largely Lona, Bomboloni and Rocatillos). Thus afurther restaurant open in the evenings, whilst within accepted standards for the area, is anunacceptable burden in terms of additional disorganised parking, safety of access for emergencyvehicles, and transport flows on Gloucester Road itself as well as its narrow residential sidestreets.

In effect, an 11pm closure extends to midnight given clearing up and cleaning of premises, use ofextractor fans etc. This poses major noise, odour and light pollution concerns for adjoining andother local residents - families with young children, older people in a residential home, flat dwellersand the Meditation Centre - all contiguous with or in close proximity to the proposed cafe/restaurant as well as residents on the opposite side of Gloucester Road.

Although the original proposal states that the back yard of the property will not be used forcustomers, informal chats with the owner as well as the construction of decking and placement ofchairs and tables in this area in the last two weeks have led local residents to believe that it will beused for customers, or at the very least as an area for smokers. We would point out that, in theevent of fire, there would be no escape route from this yard other than through the narrow, lengthy

premises (proposed cafe, kitchen and storerooms).

In addition, there are health risks if smoking were to take place in the yard at the back, which issurrounded by residential properties with bedroom windows overlooking the yard. Alternativearrangements should be made for smokers.

In summary, on the grounds outlined above, we object to any proposed late evening openingshould CU be considered. A daytime cafe with 5 to 6pm closure would be acceptable, a precedentfor which is the Metro cafe on the corner with Bishop Road.


The use of the ground floor of this property including the garden, something which hasnot been made clear in the planning application, impacts on the privacy of adjoining residentialproperties.

The hours of trading, specifically until 2:30am, will create unecessary noise within a residentialarea.

The garden space, not specified within the planning application but as stated in another objectionwill be used by patrons of the cafe, adjoins residential properties therefore cigarette smoke willpass into these surrounding properties, far more than would issue from a residential property. Thiswill have a detrimental effect on the health of those persons living in adjoining properties.

There is already pressure on parking in the area which has not yet become and RPZ. A cafe,particularly one which aims to attract the taxi trade, will put further pressure on parking in the area.In addition it will increase traffic noise and add to local pollution.


The propery adjoins residential properties. The use of the garden space, which has notbeen specified in the planning application but as raised in another comment is proposed to beused, impacts on the privacy of adjoining residents.

The use of the property until 2:30 am will create levels of noise which are unacceptable at this timeof the day both from people moving to and from the property and when using the garden.

Smoking within the garden will result in smoke entering adjoining gardens and properties at amuch greater rate than would from a residentail property. This will negatively impact on theresidents living locallly, especially those whose properties and gardens adjoin the property.

There is already pressure on parking in the area which is currently not covered by a RPZ. The useof the property which aims to attract trade from the taxi industry will further put pressure on parkingin the area as well as adding to noise and local air pollution.

Unknown   OBJECT


While not opposed in principle to the conversion into a cafe I'm very disappointed to seeyet another shop in the residential family area become a cafe/restaurant.

I am strongly opposed to the very late opening hours that are proposed. This is a residential areaand the noise and odour will impact dramatically on the neighbourhood.The late opening times are not in line with any other establishment in this area.

Another reason for my objection is the negative effect this cafe will have on the parking and trafficin this already significantly over crowded neighborhood. Noise late at night/early morning from cardoors/cars pulling up etc.


While not opposed in principle to the conversion into a cafe I'm very disappointed to seeyet another shop in the residential family area become a cafe/restaurant.

I am strongly opposed to the very late opening hours that are proposed. This is a residential areaand the noise and odour will impact dramatically on the neighbourhood.The late opening times are not in line with any other establishment in this area.

Another reason for my objection is the negative effect this cafe will have on the parking and trafficin this already significantly over crowded neighbourhood. Noise late at night/early morning fromcar doors/cars pulling up etc.

Dr Elizabeth Coulthard 42 FALMOUTH ROAD BRISTOL   OBJECT

We are concerned about noise, rubbish and parking. Of these, the greatest concern isparking which is already very difficult in this area of Bishopston.


I object to the cafe opening until 2.30am. This is due to noise and parking issues thatwill be generated.


Why do we need yet another cafe on Gloucester Road? Let alone a cafe planning to beopen until 2:30 in the morning.

Parking in this area is already extremely difficult, made worse with each new late night eatery aspeople travel there by car. Patrons of Lona are already causing traffic chaos, no need for anymore. It's family residential area so I fear for that children will be in danger.

My heart goes out to the residents of adjoining properties who by all intents could have a nightclubon their doorstep. I feel the level of noise will be highly anti-social for all residents of this area.

The smell from existing eateries is already unacceptable. I frequently feel unable to open myWindows.

I also object to the wording on the public notification as this states cafe. I thought this would meannormal sociable hours of between 9-5 as befits a residential family area and was shocked when Ilearnt otherwise.


I live very close to the proposed development, and am concerned that this proposal, inits current form, could have a negative impact on the surrounding residential area. While I wouldnot object to a new cafe operating within typical cafe opening hours, perhaps closing at 5pm, I amvery concerned that the application is requesting a closing time of 2.30am. There are numerousresidential flats and houses near to this property which would be affected by the noise of patronsleaving in the early hours of the morning, aside from the noise generated by patrons using the cafelate at night. While there are no proposals to use the outside courtyard area of the property, Iunderstand that this part of the property is already being developed in a way that suggests it willbe used in the future, so adding to the risk of excessive noise.

I am also concerned about the impact on parking in Hatherley Road and nearby roads. Parking isalready very difficult for residents, and yet another late-night venue will only add to this. Whilethere are bus services running nearby, people leaving in the early hours of the morning areunlikely to be relying on these, and it is likely that the proposed development will lead to increasedevening and late-night traffic. The double-yellow lines at the top of Hatherley Road are alreadyignored by many motorists, particularly at weekends, leading to congestion and noise forresidents, which the proposed development will surely add to.


The application makes this sound like a cosy tea-shop selling hot drinks and cakes, butthe stated ambition to be open until 2.30 a.m. puts a very different perspective on it. The onlypeople around at that time of night are taxi drivers and drunks, and Gloucester Road at night isalready busy enough with both without offering a further attraction.

I object to the application on the grounds that:

1. The café will generate unwelcome further demand for parking in an area that already has ahuge parking problem.

2. It will create unwelcome noise at night from cars pulling up and driving away, car doorsslamming, engines left idling, car stereos playing loud music, and so on.

3. A café cooking food on the premises would, despite any odour extraction system, createunwelcome smells for neighbouring residential properties. I would cite the Lona restaurant furtherup Gloucester Road as a glaring example. Prevailing winds would blow the smells from theapplication site right across our property.

4. In the daytime, Gloucester Road already has more than enough places to eat and drink. We donot need another shop turned into a café.


I am concerned about this application, we do not need any more cafes on this part ofGloucester Road let alone those that will be open until 2.30 am. There already is too much noiseat unsocial hours which disturb the neighborhood and this will just contribute to the problem. Thereis also inadequate provision for additional traffic and parking at this point on Gloucester Road.Cooking smells are likely to be another problem, whatever precautions are taken.

Ms Jacky Willett Willett 44 FALMOUTH ROAD BRISTOL   OBJECT

I support all the objections raised - noise, rubbish, parking. Is there really a need foranother 10-2.30am cafe given that the Venus Bar already provides this. Why not 10pm, or earlier,if it is really thought that another cafe is really needed. I would be extremely worried that thedisturbance of customers leaving between midnight and 2.30am will not only affect immediateneighbours but will affect other homes in the area, including Falmouth Road.


These shops back right into the gardens of residential properties. I used to live onHatherley Rd and know how noise from these establishments can adversly affect. It isunacceptable to expect people who live nearby to live with noise till such a late hour. I am alsoaware that a great number of local residents (those in St Michaels) are elderly and feel theydeserve to be able to live (as we all do) in peace.

Thank you for your consideration.


I am very concerned about the effect this would have on yet more parking problems inthe area - we are saturated already but especially about the late opening and the noise that wouldresult from this.


I strongly object to this planning application for the following reasons:- opening hours until 2.30 am will increase this stretch of the Gloucester Rd being a destination forlate night activity, alcohol or not- the activity will inevitably involve noise, traffic, smoking and likely alcohol(even if BYO) which willbe part of a change to the nature of the Gloucester Road in a way many local people will dislikeintensely- neither is it reasonable so near to housing in general, but in particular (in this case) an oldpeople's home- it seems to me too that planning needs to take into account, even for a daytime only cafe, thediversity of food outlet.- as has been said elsewhere, the stretch is already a source of unpleasant late night activitygenerated by existing food/drink outlets and enough is indeed enough

To summarise:- this must not be allowed to open beyond normal daytime hours- premises need to be tightly controlled for smoking, noise, parking - in particular to the adjoiningresidential units. This really is NOT fair on them- take a wide view of this stretch of the Gloucester Road and keep it safe and pleasant for thecommunity of Bishopston


I object based mainly on the already difficult parking situation in the area and the noiseissues that it will create. This is already an issue and this plan will contain no elements to negatethis. The area of Gloucester Road is a wonderful asset to Bristol but exists in a fine balance withlocal residents and both need to support each other. This business offers nothing that does notalready exist to saturation on the area and will cause significant issues for residents.

Ms Jennifer Wilkinson 149 BISHOP ROAD BRISTOL   OBJECT

I am very concerned about the effects this will have onTraffic and parking in the area which is already significantly over crowdedNoise late at night/ early morning from car doors/ cars pulling up/ driving off/ outside conversationsthat will happen. Which is located within a residential areaThis is within a cumulative impact area m


I wish to reaffirm the concerns expressed by other residents of the local area.

The fact that the proprietors appear to be building an outdoor area to the rear of the premises is amajor concern. The space backs directly on to the gardens of other residents of Hatherley Roadand naturally this would give cause for concern about significant increases in noise in what hasotherwise been a residential street. There is no reference to the external space in the originalplanning application.

Of even more concern is the 2.30am licence application. This seems very unusual for a simplecafe, particularly one which claims that it does not intend to serve alcohol. This naturally raisessuspicions and I would strongly object to any such licence being granted. Again, the propertybacks on to a residential street, with a number of families with young children living on the road. Ittherefore seems completely inappropriate that such a venue should be operated in this location.

The combination of the proposed late licence and the apparent external space has causedsignificant concern amongst the local residents, myself included and I would request that theapplication be rejected.


Like many other local residents we have no objection, in principle, to yet another cafeon Gloucester Road. We do, however, have serious concerns regarding the hours of operationproposed ie until 2:30am. The additional noise, parking and behavioural issues that opening late atnight will generate are unacceptable. Parking on Hatherley and Melbourne roads has alreadyreached unacceptable levels for those of us living in these roads


The Gloucester Road is already very well served by a plethora of cafes and restaurants.The proposed eatery is also very close to many residential properties. I see no reason at all whyanother is needed, especially one with opening times into the early hours: the noise factor shouldbe seriously considered. If it's a BYO establishment, people would be able to drink more than theywould when paying restaurant prices for alcohol. This encourages noisy behaviour at unsociablehours.The other difficulty is of course parking: with no RPZ here, it would simply intensify the existingpressure on space.


I'm not a neighbour to this proposal although I do think this would cause problems forpeople living nearby caused by extra noise and parking. But my personal objection is GloucesterRd just doesn't need yet another caff of this type, there are already so many other similar foodoutlets, the market seems to be over supplied, existing businesses would struggle even more tosurvive.


The sidewall of our house forms the boundary wall of the courtyard to 164 GloucesterRoad. All the communal rooms and bedrooms of our house are on this side of the house. The rearto our property is also open at right angles to this courtyard and we have multiple windows on therear and side wall of our house including our 11 year-old daughter's bedroom and a study which isin daily use.

We have spoken with the new tenant and we are alarmed that their intentions do not tally withmany of the points stated on the proposal. They fully intend to let customers have full use of theentire premises including 2 rooms indicated as storage rooms on the plan. This intended useincludes the exterior yard to the rear of the property as a customer smoking area between 10:00am and 2:30 in the morning. This is not indicated on the proposal. Therefore both the proposal forchange of use and the notification of this do not, in our opinion, demonstrate a fair and justprocess.

We completely object to any use of the exterior yard:- In the 20+ years we have lived here we have never observed this yard being used forcommercial purposes.- The yard and adjoining residential garden has been a predominantly quiet peaceful space forover 20 years.- Any change of use would have a significant impact on our family, our neighbours, plus theresidential home and Buddhists centre, which are all exposed to activity in this yard.

We completely object to any smoking or vaping within close proximity to the walls, windows,doors, and air vents of our house.

- Our kitchen window is next to the yard and 2 bedroom windows are close enough to feel directlyabove the yard. All our remaining windows are in close proximity to the boundary.- Smoke entering our premises will present a serious health risk to our family, which includes ayoung child and an occupant with asthma.- The smell of smoke / vaping will be constant and abhorrent.- Smoking presents a fire risk.- We find it incredulous that any single individual would think it OK to stand under somebody'swindow from 10:00 am until 2:30 in the morning let alone smoke and talk continuously for all thistime. Multiply by 10, 20, 30+ people and place them below the windows of an asthmatic and achild. We find this horrifying. We find it shocking that we have even got to the point where we areforced to compose an official argument to the council in our defence.

We agree with all our neighbours regarding the significant increase in levels of noise, odour andlight and the undue stress this will inflict on our family and our neighbours. We can easily hear anyactivity next to our house even with the windows closed, as the air vent in our wall is located onthe courtyard wall and carries any sound through into our house. This does not currently presentany problem as the area is quiet.

We object to all the following:- Our loss of privacy as activities within our premises will be heard from those the other side thewall.- The use of a noisy commercial extractor fan, which will also act as a conduit for the interior noise,odour and light.- The exterior doors being open at any time (accept emergency access) for the above reasons.- The use of the backyard for the storage of commercial food waste as this will attract vermin,which will also pose a serious health risk to our family.- Any trading outside of sociable hours (9-5) for all the noise, light and odour reasons statedabove.- The proposed usage described as a 'café' in the notification as it did not occur to us that a café inthis area would trade at anti-social hours. This description entirely misled our initial response.- The additional strain and stress imposed on our family and the wider community as a result ofany trading hours beyond 5:30.- The additional strain on parking which is already difficult in this area.

The tenant has informed us that his business model is aimed at taxi drivers. This increases thenormal customer with cars level you would expect for a café. In addition late night visitors to theGloucester Road area could make their way to this area to find a taxi. Therefore we are concernedwith not only the level of noise inside the premises but within the surrounding area as well. Thepotential increase in litter and lack of public toilets are also a concern. In addition we feel that thelevel of anti-social behaviour in this area will increase significantly even if no alcohol is served onthe premises.

The increased strain on parking in daytime hours could discourage people from visiting the shops,offices and religious establishments. We are concerned that this will mean that we will eventuallyloose valuable amenities and that the local economy will decline.

For all these reasons we object to the change of use to an A3 establishment.


Whilst not opposed in principle to the conversion of this property into a cafe, I amconcerned about the impact of noise and odour on local residents during the very late openinghours that are proposed. A closing time of the late afternoon/early evening would be moreappropriate to this area and would manage the imapct of noise/odour

I expect that any conditions on an approval would cover measures to achieve the minimisation ofnoise and odour. Similarly, conditions should ensure adequate provision for rubbish.


The noise especially after 5.00pmCar parking is very restricted in the area.


My objection is based on three issues:1. A cafe open till 0200 will lead to unacceptable noise levels during unsocial hours ( no problemwith a cafe that operates during normal business hours i.e. closed by 1800)2. The current difficult parking situation will definitely be exacerbated by taxi drivers parking in thescant spaces available to residents and shoppers. It is inevitable that taxis will be parked illegallyon pavements, kerbs and double yellow lines.3. Traffic levels in the surrounding congested streets will worsen with taxi drivers trying to findparking spaces


The local neighborhood has had enough of these late night BYOs, and drinking places,we already have The Golden Lion open all hours, plus the chimp house and with Luna causingMASSIVE parking issues, we have numerous off licences selling alcohol and crime rate hasincreased drastically.. Please please reject this application. I am already in talks with police as tothe numerous issues of the area. Main being alcohol and parking. We barely have any parking leftin the area due to Luna, that was a big mistake allowing that in the first place, so not another one,please.


This is a wholly inappropriate change of use. Locating a loud late night cafe next to theBristol Buddhist Centre is not acceptable and totally anti social.


I live further down off the Gloucester Road but my main concern is parking issues. Wehave real difficulties parking near our own house after 7pm when there are rarely places nearby.More establishments on the main road will only exacerbate this problem.


I think we have more than enough late night venues on Gloucester Road and enougheating places. I support the objections of near neighbours who will be adversely affected by thisproposal.


I object to the use of this property for yet another cafe/restaurant in this area which hasenough of these types of establishes to keep healthy business competition and services for thecommunity. It would cause further parking problems in an already challenged parking area not tomention possible noise to the surrounding residential area.


I object to the proposal on the grounds that parking is already a serious issue in thearea and this business will present further parking problems throughout the day and into theevening.I object because the extraction of cooking fumes will result in the smell of cooking passing overours and our neighbours houses. The proposed propert is much lower than the other side of theGloucester Road and the properties behind on Brynland Avenue and so it will not be possible forthe fumes to be extracted high enough to miss our properties as it is blown from the westerlywinds eastwards towards us on Brynland road.I object also because of the hours of business proposed is much later than any other venue in thisarea of the Gloucester Road. I have never seen the Venus bar that it sites as an example openanywhere near as late as 2:30 am.I lastly object as the proposal will mean yet another shop in our area will become an eatery ratherthan a shop serving our local community with things we actually need and not another venue toeat and drink in


I object to this application for yet another change of use from retail to café/restaurant inthis area.This type of application seems to be common place and is having a significant effect on the areawhich is a predominately residential and a recognised independent shopping area.One assumes that this 'cafe' will be a BYO given that no alcohol license has been applied for andgiven the proposed opening hours are until 02:30am....for goodness sake we really do NOT need another business of this type in the area and myworry would be that if granted then in the future what would stop an alcohol license applicationbeing made?NOTE Gloucester Road was designated as a Cumulative Impact Zone by the police in 2010 inorder that all new licensing applications should be considered in the full light of the character of thearea and the wellbeing of the local residents (but a BYO would have the same effect).

I am extremely concerned for the local residents not to mention their quality of life both to theadjacent and neighbouring properties that also include an elderly persons home at the rear; theseopening hours will inevitably cause noise and disturbance to all.

If this is to be a true café then presumably normal café hours would be expected...?


I don't object to a daytime café, but I have concerns about the nuisance that night-timeuse of the café would impose on local residents.

i) The application says that external seating is not proposed at any time of day to limit any impactof noise. However, the rear garden is already under development with extra decking installed, andneighbours have been told that it will be used as part of the cafe. Outside space will presumablybe needed for smokers, which may be the 'get around' in relation to the use of the garden. Insimilar locations on Gloucester Road, where a cafe/pub/garden is surrounded by residentialproperties, there is a rule that customers must sit inside after a certain time in the evening.

ii) The noise of cars coming and going up to 2.30am will be obtrusive for neighbours. The proposalstates that the site can easily be accessed on foot or by public transport, which is largely true inthe daytime, but at 2.30am most people will be arriving by private car or by taxi, creating noise andnuisance particularly for residents on adjacent Hatherley and Manor Roads as well as onGloucester Road itself.

iii) A large industrial extractor fan is being installed outside pointing at residential properties. Thiswill be noisy in operation, and its use at night would be particularly intrusive for local residents.

iv) There is no mention of music in the planning application, but music being played loudly in thegarden, or even indoors, would be unacceptable for local residents, particularly those with families.

iv) I have a concern about alcohol. Although at this stage there is no proposal to obtain an alcohollicence, the café could well operate a BYO policy or request an alcohol licence in future. If alcohol

were to be served in some form, I would point out that the council itself has stated turned downapplications to add to the number of late-night alcohol-drinking venues on Gloucester Road on thegrounds of possible anti-social behaviour and the number of licensed premises in the area.


Objections:1. Late night anti social hours In residential area, nextdoor to a Buddhist center and across theroad to an old people's home2. Insufficient parking in the area3. Cooking fumes - already very smelly from Luna4. Too many eateries already on the Gloucester Rd.


I have just found out from a local resident that the shop across the rd from my house has appliedto change from a shop to a cafe, opening until gone 2am in the morning.I wish to know why my husband and I were not informed of this as it will greatly affect us.I can't see why we need any more cafes, restaurants, or cafe bars that sell alcohol, what we needis more shops like chemists etc.

I object to the long opening times, keeping a cafe open until 2 am in the morning it is notacceptable, cafes are meeting places for people to socialise, talk, laugh,eat,drink and have fun.None of which is acceptable late at night in a residential area.

I object because of the noise this cafe would encourage revellers and drinkers from the local pubsor people on the way home from clubs using the cafe as a stop off on their way home late into thenight and early hours.I've heard on the grapevine that this new cafe will be frequented by taxi drivers, if true the constantnoise from car doors and engines stopping and starting will keep us awake half the night and I'msure will disturb other neighbours. As will any customer who goes to the cafe late at night or at 2am in the morning.

We have enough problems now with parking in this area, never mind stopping to unload shopping.I'm disabled I have mobility issues and a heart condition, when my husband or my daughter try todrop me off outside my house we have been verbally abused, shouted at or beeped at. Because ifthere is any cars, vans or taxis parked on the single yellow lines over the rd, (where the new cafewill be), in the evenings it causes a blockage. Drivers assume because we have pulled up that we

are inconsiderate and take their frustrations and anger out on me yet I have been a resident herfor over 46yrs and have a blue badge. Imagine how bad this will become if customers to the newcafe park habitually park on both sides of the rd night after night.This could seriously impact on me, also ambulances have had to be called to myself and myhusband in the past during the evening.

I would have thought it was our right to be able to enjoy relative peace and quite in our own homesat night. The Gloucester rd can be noisy at night with inconsiderate drivers with their stereosblasting through open car windows or drunken relievers walking home, without adding to it byhaving cafe with antisocial operating hours open 7 days a week opposite.

My husband and I are elderly and wish to live out our lives in this house, we do not want to have tofeel we need to move because of stress or noise caused by such late opening hours plus the factthat they want to open 7 days a week. A 7 day opening means any problems experienced byresidents by the cafe will be without rest or break.I would like to think I could live out my remaining years in the house I love and cherish.


Objection to new cafe 164 Gloucester Rd and its opening times.

We have lived here 48 years, no one told us about the application to change the shop to a cafe.My neighbours asked if knew about a new cafe opening until 2.30 am in the morning every day ofthe week just over the rd. I didn't.They said there is a letter on the post but when I looked it's gone so I had to talk to a neighbourwho had read it.

I object to this new cafe being open until 2.30 am in morning, It's far to late. We will be kept awakeor woken at night by all the noise. In cafes people talk, the more people inside the louder peoplehave to talk. At night customers talking inside and outside the cafe will disturb everyone at night.

Customers parking is a big problem, it's very hard to park, all roads around the cafe have carsparked there at night with no spaces. So where will they park? Where will customers park duringday? All roads so busy with parked cars. So cars will park outside our house so when they leaveor they come in the night it will be noisy, cars starting, doors opening and closing, people having achat before getting in the car up until past 2 am.

Most cafes are closed by 6 pm, what customers will they get in the evening? Are they going to letpeople take alcoholic drinks in? If not who is coming to the cafe at midnight?

We object to the change of use.We object to the very late opening hours.We have concerns about parking as they intend to use the loading only areas in the evening.

We are worried about the extra noise at night and in the early morning.


We object to this application on the following grounds:

The only bar in the local vicinity with a 2.30 am licence is the Venus Bar, there is no other(contrary to the statement made in the proposal which implies there are lots of bars/cafes in asimilar position). The Venus is in a very different situation as it is in the middle of a parade ofshops and backs onto a service road. This proposal on the other hand will be backing ontoresidential properties in a family area. There is also a sheltered housing scheme directly behindthe proposed cafe. Noise and cooking smells from a late night cafe will impact on all theseproperties to the detriment of peaceful enjoyment of their homes and their gardens and theirquality of life.

This is a very densely populated part of the neighbourhood properties are in very close vicinity.This is fine regarding normal residential living, shops, cafes keeping normal hours etc, however alate night venue with all the associated noise, drunkenness, car doors slamming, cars arriving etcis a completely different matter.

We do not understand why a cafe would be seeking to open until 2.30 am unless it was planningto allow alcohol on a BYO basis, and we believe this is what they're planning to do. Normal closingtime for a cafe would be expected to be 5 to 6pm.

Many comments refer to the decking and improvements already being installed in the externalarea. Clearly it is planned to utilise this space contrary to what has been stated in the proposal.

The proposal states that there is a parking bay for the property. This is untrue, they are currentlyparking on the pavement although this is illegal - there is no bay. We are also not aware of aloading bay as mentioned in the proposal and believe this to be untrue as well.


Objections to the proposed cafe at 164 Gloucester Rd


I was stunned that as a resident that lives directly opposite the proposed cafe, a shop which hasapplied for a change of use from A1 to A3 that the council/planning officer felt it unnecessary tocontact me with a letter, even though the changes will have a direct impact on me as a resident.

It appears that none of the residents from 235a to 251a who will be affected by the proposed newchanges have been contacted by way of letter from the council or planning officer. I only found outfrom a neighbour in Hatherley road who contacted me. Many of the residents knew nothing aboutthe planning application to change the use from a shop to a café, let alone them wanting to open10am until 2.30 am 7 days a week very "unique" hours for a cafe. How many more still don'tknow? The only notice being near the shop attached to a traffic sign which is facing the main roadand has dropped down towards the pavement.

Change of use

I strongly object to the proposed change of use from A1 to A3, what we need is more "shops "onGloucester road not just another café/cake /coffee shop. There are already dozens and dozens of

café/cake/coffee shops competing with each other, some of which have recently closed downgoing out of business. Even the local garage has food and coffee for sale. If this change of use isallowed what will stop it later becoming a takeaway or fast food shop opening late with a potentialfor greater littering?

Opening hours

The vast majority of the café/cake/coffee shops on Gloucester road close late afternoon or earlyevening 6.30pm/7pm. Many of the local cafés are used by families /shoppers/local workers. Thecafé Grounded opens later, it's opposite a petrol garage and shops, sells alcohol and attracts adifferent clientele of in the evenings.

This proposed café has stated that it wishes to open at 10am until 2.30 am seven days aweek.This means neighbours are bound to be disturbed by customers coming and going, talkingand smoking outside on the pavement at all hours.

They have used the Venus bars opening and closing times to justify their application referring toVenus as a cafe but The Venus bar is a bar and sells alcohol.

Even though the application states it has no intention to serve alcohol, does this mean thatcustomers will be allowed to bring their own ? Or it may be just a matter of time before a licence toserve alcohol will be applied for which would seriously impact on the community as will the cafe ifit opens 10am - 2.30am 7 days a week!

Even If they genuinely don't want to serve alcohol why would a café want to stay open until 2.30am who are their potential customers going to be?

I find it hard to believe that there is a need for just another café to trade at these ridiculous uniquehours in a residential area full of families with young children and professional home owners.

I have concerns about this cafes real use, who will their customers be at these very late openinghours.

I have concerns that this could become a meeting place for taxi drivers as I have seen a fewparked up outside the shop recently or will it be for people leaving pubs and going to eat there orcollecting take aways.

Seating / smoking areas

The rear courtyard of the proposed cafe has already had decking laid and planters put out.According to the plans access to the rear garden is accessed through two storage rooms at theback of the premises so why would you bother decking it out, unless you intended to use theoutside area!

If this is for smokers you would not want the general public walking through your storage areas touse the back garden? If this courtyard is used for staff then it will definitely cause disturbance toneighbours, voices at night travel especially in the early hours of the morning.

Noise pollution

I strongly object to the application on the grounds that customers using this so say café will beentering and leaving until 2.30 am. There will be talking, laughing, people saying their goodbyes toeach other outside or carrying on conversations. Customers parking at all hours of the night andearly morning banging car doors as they come and go, engines starting, playing car stereos,generally creating some noise as they visit and leave.

I have been informed by a neighbour that the rear garden of the premises has already had deckinglaid so that the outside space can be used. The application does state there will be no externalseating during the day but what about late evening and early morning? Or will customers juststand around when they smoke and chat in the back garden and outside the front door on thepavement at all hours.

There will also be the noise from the café as it prepares coffee from expresso machines /foodpreparation /and the general noise associated with the preparation of cooking food along with thenoise generated by an external extraction system.

We know from past experience when the previous tenants sold "furniture" they also sold cookedfood and coffee. They had tables outside at the front of the premises up until 11pm and oftendidn't finishes clearing up until midnight. The sound travels, even across the road we could hear allthe swearing and talking despite double glazing,making us extremely tense and agitated andunable to relax in our own home. Neighbours complained to the council at the time. The previoustenants also played music that could be heard well above the normal sound setting of our ownTelevision, also had their mates turning up blasting out stereo music . This could happen again.

The noise pollution is bad enough outside now, without this café contributing to it for extendedperiods of time into the night every single day of the week!

Light pollution

Light pollution is another big issue, as this "Café " will have shop lights on inside and outside untilafter the proposed closing times, because of clearing up so it could be 3 am or later when theyleave. The shop lighting will be continually shining up into our house and bedrooms at the front.

At present all the other businesses across the road turn off their main lighting inside and outsideby 6pm and are closed.

I have in the past spoken to the Buddhist centre as they were unaware their shop hoarding wasbeing left on all night causing a light pollution problem myself and the neighbours and now theykindly switched it off at night .


Where do I start, At present parking around the surrounding roads of the proposed café is atsaturation point so there is nowhere for their "customers" to park. The parking space mentioned inthe application outside the premises is complete fabrication. There is no drop curb, no parkingspace it is just the front of the shop which cannot be reached without without actually driving overthe kerb across the public footpath putting pedestrians and children in danger or driving acrossother peoples shop fronts to get to the parking spot ie driving across the Buddhist centre and orBristol tools .

It has been noted that they are already parking on the pedestrian part of the pavement outside theshop during the no parking times ie 4.30pm to 6.30pm and on double yellow lines around thecorner in Hatherly rd while working on renovating the shop in the evenings. So it appears they cantfind anywhere to park already.

I would also have thought that parking a car in front of a café would be a fire hazard in the eventthe premises needed to be evacuated urgently or the fire brigade needing to get access in anemergency especially as the are residential flat above.

At present parking is allowed after 6.30 pm on this side of the road and that of the proposed café,however this part of Gloucester road is a choke point and parking on both sides causes a great

deal of traffic problems as the traffic tries to pass each other especially with Buses and lorries .The majority of residents don't park outside here as they know the Traffic problems it causes andthey like to keep their wing mirrors intact.

Also some of the neighbours are disabled and need to be able to pull up outside their housebecause of mobility issues. Parking on the main road for hours will cause problems to those withdisabilities as well as major noise pollution, with potential for accidents especially at night aspassing vehicles tend to drive much faster in the evening.

Cooking smells

Even with the use of an extraction system there is a great potential for food smells to be blownacross the road into our homes long into the night which will affect us being able to open windowsin hot weather.

This micro stretch of Gloucester Rd is unspoilt and attractive and we are trying to keep it that way.


The proposed closure time of 2:30am is totally unacceptable -the venue backs almostdirectly on to a residential area and is almost certain to disturb the homes of many people living inthe surrounding area.

The on street parking in the vicinity is already strained, including the 'double yellow lined' areas.The proposed use of the property is likely to put a further strain on this problem.

I take no issue in the use of property as a cafe, however, i believe that the opening hours shouldas such, align with those of a conventional cafe (5/6pm closure time).


Whilst I have no objection to the property being used as a cafe per se, I have a numberof concerns with this particular planning application:

1. The change of use proposal statement suggests this cafe should remain open until 2:30amevery morning, apparently "in keeping with other A3 uses in the local vicinity including Venus Bar".

Venus Bar is presumably an A4 use (drinking establishment) and hence not appropriate forcomparison. (Furthermore, I have never noticed it actually staying opening this late.)

In fact, to my knowledge, no other A3 in the vicinity stays open this late. Certainly none withseated clientele areas, so I'm not sure how this late night cafe will be "in keeping" with anything.

I live opposite the property and am concerned that if it were open this late the inevitable noisewould prevent me and my small children from sleeping. Furthermore I am concerned that the lateopening plans, in conjunction with the association with Venus Bar, implies an ultimate intention toserve alcohol.

2. The change of use proposal statement suggests a fair amount of internal building work isproposed (kitchen and servery installation, mechanical ventilation installation etc.). However, theplanning application form claims that no building works are required to make the change of use.As such no details are provided in the application form regarding these works.

3. The change of use proposal statement suggests there is currently "one parking space

associated to the site for staff parking". I don't believe this to be the case.

4. The change of use proposal statement suggests there is currently a "loading bay to the front ofthe property" to facilitate deliveries. I don't believe this to be the case either.

These previous two points highlight that the proposal will have a greater negative effect on localtraffic and parking then is implied by the application.

5. The plans show a large portion of the property is either outdoors (at the back) or described asstorage rooms. I'm concerned that if some of this space is made available for clientele use (forexample: additional seating, smoking area, etc.) then more than 150 square metres of thebuilding's floor space will have changed use.


Firstly as neighbours directly opposite the new proposed cafe I was very surprised notto have had a letter informing us of this planning proposal as we will be directly affected by thecomings and goings of the cafe, parking and noise issues and light pollution which will definitelyaffect us and the neighbours 237A to 251A too.

Brief history followed by objection pointsI note that in the list of previous usage it says florist not cafe, if putting out a few buckets of flowersoutside a business makes it a florist then all petrol stations are florists too! At one time was afurniture, brisk a brac shop divided into different stalls and sellers one of which for over a year hada cafe.which caused no end of disturbance and resulted in complaints to the council.Whether they had planning for permission I do not know, what I do know is as a result of themopening until 11pm each night we had noise issues talking,laughing, loud swearing and fights.Followed by lots of noise as the owners packed up.

I appreciate that in the plans for the proposed cafe it states no outdoor seating, yet people fromHatherley Rd can clearly see decking and what looks like a bar or possibly seating being builtoutside the back of the premises.Even without planning for outside, smokers will have to go somewhere, some no doubt wil standoutside on the pavement chatting while they smoke which late at night will appear to be very loudand disturb people sleeping. So will the normal comings and goings of people leaving ie car doorsbanging, people saying goodbyes. This will greatly affect us opposite as most of the houses havethe bedrooms at the front.

The application is likened to Venus up the rd, Venus is a bar not cafe, yes it opens late, many of

us wish it couldn't as there is regular noise, loud swearing and bad drunken behaviour, that wecan sometimes hear from our property a block further down the rd.. The police have had to becalled with people throwing glasses and bottles into the road or to break up fights.This area of Gloucester rd and Hatherley Rd is predominantly families, many with professionaljobs and young children, so to consider a closing time 2.30 am for this cafe is wildly inappropriatefor the area.

There is the issue of cafe visitors parking on the single yellow lines outside our rank of houses intothe early hours creating noise, cars doors, engines revvingup or being left running, car stereos,talking or calling out to each other.

It will affect parking in the area which is already severely congested and in addition undermine thequality of the neighbourhood adversely affect people's quality of life if allowed to operate outsidenormal cafe hours.I object on the above grounds


As the next door neighbour to 164 Gloucester rd I am very surprised I have not as yetreceived a letter from planing about this application.Although in principle I have no objection to a small cafe opening I have grave concerns about itbeing open until 2.30 in the morning which is very unusual for such a premises.There are residential flats above 166 that would be severely impacted by late night trading from164 in respect of customer noise and parking and kitchen noise etc.The other concerns I have are soundproofing.Have the owners of 164 carried out soundproofing tobuilding reg standards between the retail groud floor and first floor flat at 164.The extractor system proposed would be venting next to windows of residential flats at the rear ofthe property and would therefore be a nuisance to my residents if the windows were open.Parking could also be a problem as I have already had problems with the previous tenants of 164parking on my forecourt out of normal shop hours.The two year approval also seems odd as once given it is likely to be continued.Finally I would like to stress that I would have no objection to a 10 to 5 cafe serving coffeesandwiches and some hot food As this would have no or little impact on the residents in 166.More detail and consultation with neighbouring properties would be advisable before thisapplication is approved to put my mind at rest.I agree with all the other objections with the reasoning behind them


Further to my other comments I note that they are saying on the application that her isone parking space associated with the property.This is not the case as the area they are referringto is the pavevement areaWhich has no drop kerb for parking.Although they do use it as parking it is unofficial and not intended to be officially used as such.


Hi there,This application has recently been brought to my attention by a neighbour. I'm surprised thesurrounding residential streets weren't informed as it will adversely affect us all.Objections -Very worried by 2.30am closing time. Doesn't make sense for a cafe / unless this is a shishasmoking cafe. This will generate noise / and possibly smoke down a quiet residential street. (Withlots of children)Parking already an issue in this area. Customer parking in our street (until 2.30am thenleaving/slamming doors etc) will be an extra burden.Food ventilation pointing directly down street will create air pollution/smell of grease etc.There are residential houses directly behind the proposed site who will suffer badly.I've been told decking and roofing are being fitted to rear of property. I'm surprised this has notbeen rejected. Noise/smoke until 2.30am will carry down street. (Most places in Gloucester Rdhaving external areas on the street)Please feel free to contact me in regards to this objection and keep me informed of developments.If required I will rally more local support to stop this application.Kind regardsANTONY Hooper


Dear Development Management Team,

We are writing to you in reference to the proposed change of use of 164 Gloucester Road (Ref:18/01467/CU). We live directly overhead of the space. We have been given until 7th May tocomment on the application, please find our comments below:

We recently received your letter telling us that the premises at 164 Gloucester Road had appliedto change from a shop into a cafe. On further inspection, this seemingly innocuous change haslarge implications for the quality of our life. We have since found out that this premises has appliedfor late night trading, and plans to stay open until 2:30am. This is not a good thing for us, as wecan see the garden space from our window. We can see that space being developed right now!We are very concerned if the outside space is to be used after 5:30. Although we are not aware ofan alcohol licence, we are concerned that a 'bring-your-own' policy may come into existence.

It is our belief that the noise and disruption from this change of use would cause great pain to ourway of life, peace and quiet etc. We are aware that some of the other nearby residents haveyoung family.

There is one other such venue nearby with late opening but it is in a parade of shops away fromside roads and is called 'Venus Bar'. This is given as justification for the late night tradingrequested at 164. The difference here is the close proximity to Hatherley Road means that thespace surrounding 164 Gloucester Road is heavily overlooked and enclosed. This will likely createan echo of noise, unlike the other venue, and this could exacerbate the problems outlined above.

In addition, we were attracted to live in Bishopston on Hatherley Road as it seemed to be a quietarea after dark yet in close proximity to a variety of shops. This is not an area that is or shouldbecome full of venues open until 2:30 in our opinion.

For the record, we have no problem whatsoever with the venue becoming a cafe, but only if it shutat 5:30 like conventional cafes...however I am afraid that the current proposal seems to not be inthe best interests of the area at all and certainly not to the local residents who will be affected by it.There are numerous and adequate late night entertainment places grouped appropriately in otherparts of Gloucester Road. Therefore we have no option to object to the change of use for 164Gloucester Road.

We are also concerned that the letter from the Council was not linked to the late night tradingrequest. Are the two departments linked in any way in the council? if not, this case would suggestthat they could be?

Also, could you please tell me if there is another part of the Council we should inform of ourobjection to the late night trading request?

We look forward to hearing your response.



Further to our previous comments regarding control of noise to adjacent properties weask for an additional condition to be placed upon the planning application. This is that nocustomers to be allowed into the external area to the rear of the building except for use as anemergency escape route. This rear external area is directly adjacent to our main quiet room formeditation and worship which has opening windows to the rear.


As owners of 2a Hatherley Rd, we wish to object to the Planning Application.The property backs onto and is adjacent to family housing, including our property which shares agarden wall. It is entirely inappropriate for a café to be open until the early hours of the morning insuch a residential area (a 9-5 indoor only café would be a different proposition). Evidence fromother local equivalent establishments is that the noise and disturbance is unfair on families andpeople wishing to exercise their rights to a quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their homes andproperties.The proposal to store waste products in the rear will lead to smells and encourage vermin into thearea. Further, the inevitable emptying of waste, bottles etc will disturb the peaceful environmentand quiet enjoyment of surrounding properties and gardens.We can see that decking has already been placed in the rear garden - a clear statement that thegarden is intended for use, even if the Proposal attempts to imply and mis-guide the reader. At thevery least this will become an area for smoking and will pollute the atmosphere. There is also adanger that waste, cigarette butts, glasses, bottles, etc could be discarded over the wall and intoour property or other adjoining properties - thereby creating a health and safety issue.We have concerns that the mechanical ventilation will create noise which will interfere with thepeaceful use of our garden, and the gardens of neighbours. It may also force our windows to bekept closed.The Proposal Statement says "It is not intended the proposed cafe will serve alcohol". This is avery weak and disturbing statement in itself. It leaves the door open to a future application.In its current format, we entirely object to the Proposal.


Although I am not against it in principle I do have some concerns around parking, noiseand smells.This area is heavily congested most of the day particularly in the evenings as a resident I know Iam not alone in the frustration of not finding a parking place near where I live. There is no parkingoutside this proposed development so this will increase the pressure on parking and in the streetsaround the premises.

This is already a very noisy area due to the number of bars, pubs and restaurants on GloucesterRoad, although most of them have licenses that require them to close at an acceptable time. Ithink a premises having a license until 2.30 am will prolong the levels of noise that we alreadyhave to put up with. This may be noise coming from the establishment or people walking thestreets getting in to their cars and driving off.

I accept that restaurants have to prepare food and obviously the odours associated with that.Having said that, we often find that we cannot open our windows because of the sheer volume ofodours, and we note that if those odours are going to be industrially extracted into the atmosphereas is the case with this application, we feel we will not only have to put up with the smell, but alsothe noise of the fan.


I am really concerned as I live only 30m from the back garden of this proposed changeof use site from a shop to a café. I am fine with the idea of a café which closes around 5pm but notone open until 2.30!!

I was never on the list of neighbours to receive notification, which I am surprised about.

I object to a café being allowed to be operational until 2.30am in the morning. This will cause hugenoise pollution especially if they use the outside back garden which I have noted is now decked.My bedroom window faces this back garden and any noise will carry directly to my house andthere is no structure to block the noise.

Parking in this area is difficult for people living here and this will only add to the number of carsand the associated noise and pollution in the area.

I do hope that the planning take into consideration my objections.


I would like to voice my concern over the new 'cafe' that is going to open. We have livedhere for 20 years and realise that living so close to Gloucester Road means that we get a fairshare of unreasonable behaviour and it is always really hard to find a park spot on our street dueto shoppers, prison staff and other staff parking here (which ANOTHER cafe will add too). The realproblem i have is the really late opening time with its proximity to many houses - a lot of us alsohave small children on the street. It seems they already have decking outside and i cannot seehow they would not apply for an alcohol license with such a late opening time - people sittingaround drinking coffee at 2am? i dont think so!! I do think this needs to be considered verycarefully as it could be horrendous for all that live on out street and Melbourne Road AND the oldpeoples home.


My front upper windows look straight over Hatherley Road and two back yards to theback door and existing seating area behind the proposed cafe.I already experience noise from another restaurant at the rear of my house, about the samedistance away, up to about midnight. The owners are not unduly inconsiderate or malicious, butwith the best will in the world still disturb me on a hot summer evening with the door open. I hearloud conversation over the happy clatter of washing-up and the transistor radio. I dread hearingthe same from the opposite direction as well.The parking in Hatherley Road is already very difficult without the added attraction of yet anotherrestaurant.Thank you for considering these issues.


Since our original comment we have since observed that decking and a large decorativeplant have been placed in the rear garden - unusual for a cafe which claims it will not be using theoutside area! This is coupled with a neighbour being told by the proprietors that an outsidestructure would be 'covered' for use by its customers!

Our previously raised concerns remain the same - we have massive concerns over a 2.30amclosing time, issues with parking, noise, smells, the potential for an alcohol license to be requestedin the future and music noise. In addition to this I would assume the outside space would beavailable for smoking customers to use and we do not want to smell cigarette smoke from ourgarden.

We strongly hope our comments and the comments of our neighbours will be considered whenreviewing this application.


Objection to details in the change of use application for 164 Gloucester Road. I am theowner of two of the four flats at 166 Gloucester Road: Ground Floor Flat A and first Floor Flat B of2B Hatherley Road. I am also a resident of 9 Hatherley Road.

While the opening of another cafe/restaurant on this section of Gloucester Road is not unwelcome,the proposed closure time of 230am is totally unacceptable on the grounds of inevitable noisedisturbance to residents of the flats and houses that adjoin the premises. Ideally the proposed cafeshould not be permitted to trade after 5pm. Certainly if the cafe/restaurant is intended to servefood this should end at the latest at 10pm.

The argument that the nearby Venus bar is open until 230am is not an adequate justification for afurther late night venue. Venus bar is in a shopping parade with flats above largely let as studentaccomodation, whereas nearby flats and houses to 164 Gloucester Road are occupied by familiesand professional workers, and is next door to a meditation centre (162). The area is thus quitedifferent from that of the Venus Bar.

Furthermore, parking is a major challenge on Gloucester Road, Hatherley Road and nearbyresidential roads. A late night cafe/ restaurant will place further stress on parking in the area.

Thus I strongly support other objectors and object myself to this application in its current form andat the very least request the application be modified with changes to permitted trading hours.Furthermore, there should be stipulated that there will be no approval for an alcohol licence, eitherfor sale or for customer consumption on a BYO basis. This will further assist in reducingdisturbance to neighbouring residents and others in the area.

I have read and fully support all the other comments made to date on this application.


Headings taken from Planning Proposal

Previous Use:

For the record, the premises have been used for the following purposes since January 2012 whenwe moved to Hatherley Road. Last use was as a second-hand furniture and bric-a-brac shop.Before that it was the offices for care staff agency. I understand that before that it was an estateagent.These businesses were open standard 9am-5pm. No food, no cooking smells, no night-timeactivity. All quiet after 5pm Monday to Saturday and all day on Sundays.

Proposed use, installed machinery, opening hours, noise and disturbance:

A café which opens from 10am - 2.30am, even if not serving alcohol, will add noise, cookingsmells and parking pressures for all these hours. Hatherley Road is already used by business staffworking on Gloucester Road for parking. But they move their cars after the shops shut which givesthe residents of Hatherley Road a chance to park near their homes after work. This proposed newcafé business will have cars moving in and out of parking in our residential streets with theattendant pollution and noise from people and engines.Cooking smells and noise from the premises 14.5hrs every day are a major concern for us at No6.The rear of the proposed business is only some 10 metres from our rear garden. At present ourback garden is quiet after 5pm and on Sundays. If noise from kitchen machines and people, andcooking smells waft across our garden from the back of the property this will be a serious loss ofamenity for us. Our garden is a quiet restorative space at present.

Added to these, one of our two bedrooms is at the back of the house on the first floor and willcatch noise and cooking fumes especially in summer when the windows are open. Again, a loss ofamenity in an already densely built-up residential area.

Opening hours:

To compare a café's opening hours with that of a bar (reference Venus Bar farther up GloucesterRoad) is non-sensical. Opening 14.5 hours a day is not usual for a café and especially not wherethe premises have historically been a shop. See comments above about the seven-days-a-week,14.5 hours a day impact on the neighbourhood parking, noise and pollution and our residentialamenity.

External seating:

It is hard to credit that outside seating will not be required for a café in the case where smokersare to be accommodated.

Extractor Fan exiting rear of the premises:

See comments above re smells coming across Hatherley Road gardens (even numbers) and intorear windows.

Customer Parking:

Providing no customer parking means clientele parking in Hatherley Road and neighbouringresidential streets 14.5 hours seven days a week. This is serious loss of amenity for us due toincreased pressure on parking spaces.

Other objections:

Neighbours who have conversed with the proprietors working on the property about the planningapplication have been told that a covered area will be built over what is now the rear yard. It hasbeen observed that decking has already been laid over the rear yard. We have concerns that thiswould be used as a smoking area for customers and that music and voices will disturb a largearea around the rear of the premises and extending to spoiling the peaceable enjoyment andamenity of our back garden and bedroom.For us, the amenity of living here is the proximity to the shops (mainly), restaurants and cafes ofGloucester Road. There are simply too many cafes, bars and cooked food outlets already. Localresidents want shops staying as shops. If there is a Bristol City Council plan for Gloucester Road itsurely must aim to balance the kinds of businesses along this street.


We have run our charity from 164 Gloucester Road for the last twenty years. We offerclasses in Buddhist meditation and study on the ground floor. On the upper floor we manage aseries of well used therapy rooms. Both elements of our business require a peaceful and quietatmosphere and this is what we have benefitted from since the Centre opened. We operate duringthe day and evening. We have Clients and Centre Users coming and going from the premisesthroughout the day and evening. We do not use air conditioning so our windows are often open atrear of the building.

We are concerned that the Venus bar is cited as a supporting example of a similar venue in thearea.

The Venus bar sells alcohol and has a large seating area at its front.

Although we do not object in principle to the application for a small café area within 162 we wouldask for conditions placed upon any planning approval to ensure we are not unduly disturbed bynoise, odours, or rubbish.

REQUESTED CONDITIONS PLACED ON PLANNING PERMISSIONNOISE1) A condition that stipulates noise limit on extract fan to ensure it remains below surroundingexisting noise levels and is retained as such.2) Stipulate that the extract system is to be maintained in accordance with manufacturersrecommendations (to ensure continuing effective control of noise and odours.)4) To ensure permission does not increase noise disturbance in the immediate area, a conditionthat no amplified music to be played in or outside of property.

5) To ensure no sound travels through party wall in kitchen area from machinery. We ask for acondition that the party wall within the kitchen area is fully lined with sound insulating boards onthe Café side.6) Stipulate that no seating will be provided outside the front or rear of the property.ODOURS7) Submission of details and prior approval by the Council to agree position of extract flue toensure it is sited away from the boundary and rises well above eaves level to prevent odoursbeing drawn into upstairs windows of adjacent properties.RUBBISH7) Stipulate that any dropped rubbish generated in the vicinity by customers is cleared away bycafé staff at the end of each day.8) That this permission will not be extended to include sale of alcohol.9) Ensure customers have access to toilets during opening hours to avoid our open courtyardbecoming a toilet.


Whilst we don't object to a cafe being opened in the property, we are concerned that theproposal statement says that the cafe would be open until 2.30am and that is in keeping with otherbusinesses in the local area. The only business that has these opening hours in the local area isVenus bar which serves alcohol. A better comparison is with Cafe Dream which is two doors upfrom Venus Bar. It has a very similar business model to the one outlined in the ProposalStatement and is open until 5pm, which seems a more reasonable time for the type of cafeproposed.

Our house is on the corner of Gloucester Road and Hatherley Road, which is the same block asthe proposed cafe. Despite there being double yellow lines outside our house, they are completelyignored on an hourly basis and even more so at night. Traffic movement due to illegal parking isalready an issue at night and a business that is open until 2.30am will in all likeliness make itworse.

Another concern is that there is no mention about what time food is served until. As our rearbedroom directly overlooks the rear of the cafe we are worried about noise from food extractventilation and what time this will be going on until. Especially during summer months when it'slikely that windows are left open. Food smells could then also become an issue. Also there is nomention about whether music will be played and given the proposed opening hours it is a concernthat music could be played until closing time.

We would like a stipulation that the business will not apply for an alcohol license in the future.

As it is proposed that waste will be kept in the rear courtyard, we would like assurances that bins

etc will be kept in a secure bin store and not just left outside. We already have an issue with foxesin our garden and unsecured bins could add to this. Also as our garden is joined to the courtyardthere is a risk of foul smells from waste left in the courtyard.

We would also like assurances that the courtyard will not become an extension to the cafe as wehave concerns about customer noise as we are in such close proximity.