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Reference 18/02037/H
Address 48 Berkeley Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8HG  
Street View
Proposal Loft conversion refurbishment with a flat roof dormer to both front and rear with a roof terrace to the rear.
Validated 16-04-18
Type Full Planning (Householders)
Status Withdrawn
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 14-05-18
Determination Deadline 11-06-18
Decision Application Withdrawn
Decision Issued 06-06-18
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Public Comments Supporters: 0 Objectors: 3    Total: 3
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TBS response: OBJECT

Recommendation submitted 26-04-18

We were glad to learn that this application was withdrawn

Public Comments

The Bishopston Society  OBJECT

The Bishopston Society is extremely concerned about this application. We objectstrongly to the proposed dormer window to the front elevation facing Berkeley Road as it willdisfigure not only the house itself but also the street and character of the area. We do not object tothe rear facing dormer per se, but to the proposed balcony, which will create overlooking ofneighbours gardens and windows but also the possibility of noise and disruption.

We strongly object to this application and recommend refusal.


We are very concerned about this application.

We strongly object to the proposed rear balcony. This house is one of a number of three storeyterraced houses behind us which overlook our garden and house. This is due to relatively shortgardens behind us in this part of Berkeley Road and the fact that the houses are on higher ground.We have always been aware of some noise coming from the back gardens and inside the houses,especially if windows or kitchen doors are open. A proposed enlarged dormer and especially thebalcony on the roof will have a very significant impact, particularly in terms of privacy anddisruptive noise both when we are inside and outside in the garden. We also note from the plansthat the balcony is fairly deep and could accommodate a number of people.

The proposed dormer window to the front elevation facing Berkeley Road is of a disproportionatescale and clearly not in keeping with the style of the original appearance of the house andcharacter of the area.

Little if no consideration has been given to the guidance outlined in Bristol City Planning'sSupplementary Planning Document No 2 "A guide to designing House Alterations and Extensions"(2005) e.g. pages 5,15 and 17. In particular we quote from page 17 "The addition of a balcony orterrace to a property above ground level can be particularly problematic and in mostcircumstances would not be acceptable. Not only may they allow direct overlooking intoneighbouring properties or private gardens, they can also increase the general level of noise anddisturbance".

Furthermore the City Council's current Local Plan document dated July 2014 -Site Allocations and

Development Management Policies- suggests that this application should be not be approved.Policy DM 30: Alterations to Existing Buildings, paragraph 2.30.6 states that "extensions shouldnot be overbearing or result in unacceptable overlooking or loss of privacy". The policy also refersto the Supplementary Planning Document No 2 (quoted above) for further information and designguidance. As well as the proposed balcony, we do not consider the proposed front and reardormer windows "reflect the character and appearance of the existing building" as stated in PolicyDM30.


I am concerned about this application. I object strongly to the proposed dormer windowto the front elevation facing Berkeley Road as it will spoil the whole appearance of Berkeley roadbeing out of character with the other houses. I also object to the proposed balcony, which willoverlook neighbours' gardens and windows with potential noise spreading from the windows whenopen.I strongly object to this application and recommend refusal.