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Reference 18/05183/F
Address 170 Bishop Road Bristol BS7 8NB  
Street View
Proposal Re submission of approval 15/02200/F - application for demolition of existing garage block and extensions and erection of 3-bed dwelling house and minor alterations and extensions to existing dwelling.
Validated 02-10-18
Type Full Planning
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 13-11-18
Determination Deadline 27-11-18
Decision GRANTED subject to condition(s)
Decision Issued 07-03-19
BCC Planning Portal Application
Public Comments Supporters: 0 Objectors: 2  Unstated: 2  Total: 4
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TBS response: NEUTRAL

Recommendation submitted 24-11-18

We have proposed that this application for a small infill house is amended, as you can see from our statement.

Public Comments

The Bishopston Society 

We are not concerned about the provision of a new 3 bed house with off-street parkingfor two cars. However, we are concerned that this leaves the large existing house and associatedsecondary suite with no parking provision, which will have the effect of creating more on-streetparking and congestion on this busy thoroughfare with its bus route. We recommend that two off-street parking spaces be provided for the main house at the right hand end of the frontage wherethe building sets back as part of this application.


One of the attractions of this part of Bishopston is the variety of buildings, Some with biggardens some with small. Some with garages some without and so on. The relentless pressure topack more housing into the area , anywhere it can be squeezed in is changing the area and not forthe better.There is also the problem of more dwellings meaning more cars and the congestion and parkingproblems that will follow. What effect will more parked cars have on the flow of traffic on what is abusy residential road?It is also worth remembering that many of the worlds largest companies were stared in a garage.Therefore I think there has been sufficient building in this road and ask that this application berefused.


Site too cramped too many cars already and this would make even more reducedparking. They have previously built on the site and already have 2 properties on one site 3 wouldincrease occupancy beyond capacity.


Hi i am not a direct neighbor but a local. I am concerned that the existing dwelling willloose off street parking and this will mean more cars parked on Bishop Rd. As a regular who walksmy kids to school and see traffic congestion because as cars now park on both sides, this restrictsthe traffic flow. This is a Bus route and the No 77 sometimes struggles to travel down this stretchof road.

I would ask that consideration that there should be the provision of off street parking for bothproperties.