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Reference 19/00062/F
Address Land Adjacent To 247 Ashley Down Road Bristol BS7 9BW  
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Proposal Proposed extension and conversion of garage/builders store, to form single adult persons 'crash pad' accommodation (emergency unit) with bin and cycle store facilities (associated with hostel bed and breakfast use). Retention of off street parking, installation of purpose built waste and recycling store and associated works (Resubmission following withdrawal of Planning Application Ref 18/03436/F)
Validated 04-02-19
Type Full Planning
Status Withdrawn
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 07-03-19
Determination Deadline 01-04-19
Decision Application Withdrawn
Decision Issued 12-06-19
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TBS response:

Public Comments


The reduction of possible occupants of this proposed building from two to one is verywelcome, but I still have a number of concerns.

The first site plan indicates an area which includes the two parking spaces next to the garage,which are owned and used by the occupants of 148 Sefton Park Road.

There are no measurements on the plans, perhaps to disguise the fact that the building is sosmall. If planning permission is granted we will not be able to check whether the building has beenconstructed according to the plans, or perhaps higher. Even according to the plans, using thedrawing of the man outside as a guide, the proposed space is very cramped, in fact the ceiling ofthe ground level will be just above the head of the occupant, and the occupant will not be able tostand upright in the upper storey except in the centre of the room. There may be a temptation tobuild the upper storey higher than planned, but since the building will rise up just behind ourgarden, we hope this doesn't happen.

I haven't found any mention of fire safety, but there are a several factors to consider in thisstructure. The proposed cooker is right next to the only means of escape from the ground floor, thedoor. Since anyone cooking will have nowhere to sit while any cooking is taking place, they willprobably go upstairs and sit or lie down, and the likelihood of a chip pan fire due to the occupantfalling asleep seems quite high. If the occupant has drink or drug problems they are at increasedrisk of falling asleep while cooking. The volume of air in the building is very small, with the low

ceiling on the ground floor and the very low sloping ceiling on the upper floor, so smoke wouldvery quickly fill the building, and someone would have to realise the situation and try to escapevery quickly. The only escape from the upper storey is the window, so the builders would have toensure that it is accessible and opens easily, with enough space for an adult of perhaps quite alarge size to climb out. The materials used in the building should be fire retardant.

The parking space is extremely restricted, and even the applicant's own plans show that anyoneactually parking their car inside the space will block the door, and have to crawl over the bonnet toenter or leave the building. Whether they will even be able to manoeuvre into the space, avoidingthe pillars and recycle store, is debatable, and a car would certainly block access to the recyclestore. The manoeuvring of the car into the space will take place over the pavement and across theaccess to Happy Lane, which is well used by primary school children going to school, and familiesheading for the park. In practice I think that a car would be parked partially on the pavement, backfrom the front door. The council should be aware that they will be allowing a plan which will involveparking on a public pavement, which is perhaps a dangerous precedent.

The proposed building has only one purpose, which is dependant on the ownership of the hostelsin Ashley Down Road, along with 247 Ashley Down Road (not a hostel), and the proposed "crashpad", all remaining in the same hands. If at some point in the future these buildings changedhands and the new owner of the "crash pad" did not have a contract for providing emergencyaccommodation, or if the council found a better solution for emergency accommodation, inconjunction with housing charities, which did not involve using this building, then the building couldnot be converted for any other use. It would no longer be a garage, and since it is separated from247 Ashley Down Road by a public footpath, it can never be regarded as an annexe or additionalspace for that building, as some garages inside the boundaries of properties have become. Itwould become derelict, and a magnet for squatters, vandals or drugtakers, which would be to thedetriment of the neighbourhood, and the people using Happy Lane. I do not think that permissionshould be granted without at least an undertaking to pull it down if this happened.

The applicant talks about precedents in his favour, but granting an application for housing in agarage, with incredibly cramped accommodation and a parking space which is obviouslyunusable, would not be a good precedent to set.