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Reference 19/00430/F
Address 79 Effingham Road Bristol BS6 5AY  
Street View
Proposal Change of use from a 5 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom house with a 1 bedroom self-contained garden flat (Use Class C3).
Validated 04-03-19
Type Full Planning
Status Withdrawn
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 03-04-19
Determination Deadline 29-04-19
Decision Application Withdrawn
Decision Issued 19-06-19
BCC Planning Portal Application
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TBS response:

Public Comments


- Related planning application Ref. No: 19/00404/HI don't believe this application should be considered in isolation to planning application ref Ref. No:19/00404/H given the overlooking the proposed roof terrace would have on the proposed gardenflat both directly into the bedroom show on the proposed ground floor plans and into the gardenitself.

- AccessThe proposal has the sole access to the garden flat through an existing kitchen back door. Thissuggests the current lockable garden door would probably be left unlocked most of the timecreating a security issue with people able to access the garden and therefore easier access to theneighbouring properties on Effingham and Belmont Road. I am not aware of any other propertiesin the area that have main entrances via garden back doors in this way.The plans could be changed to have access via the existing entrance to the house.

- Design / too many roomsAlthough the application is for C3 use I am concerned that, by having such a large 4 bedroom, 3reception room flat over 3 floors, the application if successful greatly increases the possibility of anapplication for C4 multiple occupancy use being made in the future.The plans could be changed to create a genuine ground floor flat including the 2 front rooms withthe appropriate changes being made for access via the main entrance.

- BoundariesThe application states the whole property is owned by the applicant, but it is not clear to mewhether the change of use proposed impacts the ownership, now or in the future if the proposed

self-contained flat is sold, of the party wall boundaries with the neighbouring properties.