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Reference 19/01654/X
Address 169 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8BE  
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Proposal Application for variation of condition 3 (Opening hours) of planning permission 15/02106/F - Retention of retail outlet use to cafe, serving hot and cold food to eat in and take away. Opening hours of cafe to be amended to 08:00 - 23:00 Monday to Sunday.
Validated 03-04-19
Type Variation/Deletion of a Condition
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 30-04-19
Determination Deadline 29-05-19
Decision GRANTED subject to condition(s)
Decision Issued 29-05-19
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TBS response:

Public Comments


I am objecting to the proposed hours for 169 Gloucester road especially the extensionto the outside area opening times to 22:00. I am a direct neighbour and have already experienceddisruption from noise coming from the gardens and from the café itself whenever the doors orwindows are left open. I am very unhappy with this development and feels these times are toolate.

I also mirror the sentiments of other letter opposing this development with their concerns thatallowing this will allow many others to extend their opening times to unreasonable hours which willaffect the surrounding area.

Although this is an area with many businesses, and I respect it is a busy part of Gloucester road Ifeel the increased hours are an unreasonable development which will be detrimental to the areaand surrounding residential houses and flats especially those like mine which are directly affected.I strongly oppose this development.


I do not agree to the purposed plans as the noise though-out the day is quite disturbing,and I do not want it during the night as well.


I am objecting to the proposed hours for being open at the back being too late. Thisbusiness borders a residential area and the proposed rear use appears as if it is going to be verydisruptive for those with gardens that border that piece of land. I am not a direct neighbour, butalready experience a lot of noise from commercial properties adjacent to Cafe Ronak.

We hear ongoing customer noise from the back of Hobbs during the day, when people use thecafe garden. We appreciate we are in the middle of a commercial area. But increasing hours forone premises opens up the possibility for many others, setting a precedent that will make nearbyoutdoor home environments noisy on every sunny day, well into the evening. We already hearnoise from outside The Grace, and a range of other noise from businesses on Gloucester Road.

It seems there is some confusion over the time that was/is proposed for using the proposedgarden area in the evening. What is currently being proposed, showing the border of thedevelopment up to the back gardens of North Road, I feel I have to object for the disruption andintrusion to those who live here.


Dear Mr Macfadyen,

I have spoken to a colleague of yours about this application on Tuesday 23rd April and consideredthe different aspects over the last week. This includes the documents the applicant suppliedunofficially to residents. I will forward these by email if I can find an address on Monday 29th April2019.

This application is part of multi-stage process. The applicant has shared some vague details aboutextending the footprint by approx 200 - 250% (as it difficult to see the area from the satellitephotograph they supplied). The accompanying letter also suggested that alcohol is planned to beserved. It would also be a 'pop up' restaurant. This would fundamentally change the nature of thebusiness.

As such I believe that the whole proposal needs to viewed as one application so the Police,Alcohol licencing, Noise abatement (and other departments that need to be consulted) to ensurethat the proper procedure can be followed and applied.

The applicant suggests they have addressed the Cumulative Impact Area Policy but no evidenceis supplied in the accompanying documents to residents or on this site.

The applicant suggests they wont be a vertical drinking establishment but the Grace Pub (within ahundred meters) has not fully complied with that especially around football fixtures and the

resources of the Council to police it.

I think it is clear that this suggested development will also impact on more residents with theincreased footprint and they should be contacted with a full description and extent of the plans soan informed choice can be made. The footprint would take the boundary of the business nearer tothe houses on North Road.

The change to opening hours to 2200 is too late for the area as the Grace has an earlier closureand clearing of the garden area. If this is granted the Grace will also argue they should have theright.

I must point out that residents letters from the council where sent out with an earlier time of 2100. Iunderstand the applicant reviewed this time after they were posted, but it may have mislead someresidents and if they didn't double check the website ( why would they?) and their lack of objectionmay not represent their true feelings.

In conclusion I am concerned process is not being followed, or organised in the applicants' favour.The residents have not all been fully consulted. I feel the whole proposal needs to be reviewed inits entirety with all the information available and where all the appropriate departments have hadan opportunity to write and deliver their reports.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Tim Tarrant-Willis

Mrs Gillian Strachan 157 NORTH ROAD BRISTOL   OBJECT

We object to any extension of the opening hours in relation to the existing, or proposednew garden. During the sunny Easter week-end, we were reminded how the noise of a few voicesin the beer garden of the Grace pub, further away, even during the day can be very loud and traveldown to our garden and into the house, as the sound bounces around the back of the houses andis trapped in a 'bowl'. The fencing is fairly ineffective. We also get noise of voices and music fromHalo and Industry and even the Bristol Flyer on the other side of the Gloucester Road. In theevenings during the summer especially when we have windows open, this increases. My husbandis chronically ill and goes to be at 8pm, as do my children, who sleep at the back.

We are very concerned that the addition of a bigger garden with extended seating and the servingof alcohol, at Ronak will create too much additional noise, damage the peace of ourneighbourhood and create a stressful environment to live in. We feel the he council must considerits the status as this area of Community Impact to protect us from this application.

We are also concerned that the Gloucester Road has already got many drinking and eatingestablishments and would question the impact on the balance of types of businesses so close to aresidential area.


My family and I strongly oppose this application.

Our garden backs onto the planned extension area.

We live in a quiet area with a young family and have deep fears that there will be significant extranoise from an extended license in the back garden.

There is no doubt that an extension of the garden and license will create noise and this ruin arelatively quiet area where families live.

There are sufficient places on Gloucester Road with outside drinking areas.

Any noise in the area where the planning extension is planned echoes around the houses and thiswill be a terrible noise pollution.

Kind regardsBrenton HagueCaitlin HarrisonNora Adele Hague


We already experience considerable noise in the evenings, especially in the BritishSummer Time months, from other food and drink establishments on each side of Glouester Road.

In the evening, when other ambient noise is quieter, even ordinary conversation seems toreverberate between the backs of buildings on Gloucester Road and the backs of those on NorthRoad. This can affect our enjoyment of our house and garden and in particular make it hard to getto sleep.

We think a cut off at 10pm inside the Cafe Ronak building, instead of 6 pm, is reasonable,provided that the ground floor rear doors and windows are kept closed after 6pm to contain noiseand cooking smells.

Attached to the rear of the building, Cafe Ronak currently has a carport type lean-to extension thatprovides an outside dining area for smoking customers. A cut-off no later than 6 pm (as existing)would be reasonable for that use of that space.

However, we understand that Cafe Ronak is about to close for at least 6 weeks for a big refit. Wehave also heard that it is acquiring the use of further land adjoining the back of the existing siteand closer to our home.

The boundaries within which various opening hours would apply therefore need to be clearlydefined, because if this additional land comes to be used to extend the cafe use closer to our

home, that would potentionally make noise (and perhaps smell) problems worse at all times of daybut particularly in the evenings.